Transcendence 225X150; 225x200; 225x150; o/c
Nude on Red Blanket 85x140; o/c
Danaja 55x110; o/c
Orchid 55x110; o/c
Flora 20x25; o/c
Women and Flower 40x25; o/c
Lisbon Night 20x20; a,o/c
Irises 90x90; a/c
Tulips 50x30; o/c
Roses 55x25; o/c
Course 170x160; a,o/c
Etude in silence 55x80; a,p/c
Lilia 75X80; a/c
Portrait with Monkey and Mask
Orchid 50x25; o/c
Masquerade 45x40; o/c
Memories about future 115X175
Infinity 170x160; o/c
Road of the Sun 175x165; o/c
Temptation 20x50; a/p
Pastoral 80x150; o/c
The Dog Who Remembered the Past
Sunday Table 120x135; o/c
Masquerade in God's Garden
Masquerade 90x90; o/c
Madonna and Child 40x40; o/c
Butterfly Catcher 38x40; a,o/c
Girl with a Golden Heart 40x40; o/c
Still Life with Butterfly 35x35; o/c
Illusion 60x85; o/c
The Bath of Venus 65x70; o/c
Crying Iris 100x30; o/c
Flowers in Vase 110x40; o/c
In Portuguese Vase 95X50; a,o/c
Mars and Venus 120x150; o/c
In the Meadow 105x150; o/c
Sweet Moonlight 85X125; o/c
Out of Love 200x115; a,o/c
In the Morning 95x90; a,o/c
In the Garden 90x85; o/c
The Cards Players 60x80; o/c
Graces 65x90; o/c
Bath of Nimphs; 115x150; o/c
Turbulence of Time
Swimmers 60x100; o/c